About Us

Our Mission

To be leading provider of natural produce, promoting community farming, empowering local natural farmers, protecting soil and building sustainable ecosystem for future generations

Our Vision

To be a trustworthy and innovative leader by providing
genuine, natural true wellness products and solutions for
conscious health living.


Our Inspiration

Mr. Charles Dowding has explored and shared new ways to garden since 1983, most notably no dig natural farming.

He has written books since 2006 and contributed to gardening publications including Gardeners World, Kitchen Garden, Country Smallholding, Permaculture, Grow Your Own, Which? Gardening, The Daily Telegraph, and RHS The Garden.

Operating from Homeacres in Somerset, he conducts courses but also travels around the country and abroad giving seminars and advice on his ‘no dig’ methods. – click here to know more

Our Story

With increasing awareness towards the health hazards due to consumption of chemically grown food, our friends and family turned to organically grown produce.

Due to demand in organic consumer market, the credibility of naturally grown produce became biggest concern to us when we realised that they were not 100% natural.

We started renting a small piece of land and got involved in weekend natural farming as per our needs. We explored the farming with natural methods for over two years and were successful to support a small group of 10 families.

With more like minded people joining us, we decided to scale our community farming with help of local natural farmers and community volunteer members.

Our Team

Shashichandra K
Shashichandra K Founder
Shashichandra K is Technical Architect by profession with over 16 years of IT experience. He is passionate about natural farming and is following "NO DIG" methodology from past 2 years, inspired by Charles Dowding.
Tejomaya Urs
Tejomaya Urs Co founder
Tejomaya Urs is an IT professional with over 17 years of experience and 9 years of entrepreneurial journey. He holds patent in use of technology in agriculture and have developed several agritech products.
Ananth Kurvi
Ananth Kurvi Co founder
Ananth is an established business leader and a IT delivery director with over 18 years of experience. Ancestorally from an agriculture family,  he is inspired by the wonders of nature and ardently follows natural growing methods. He takes pride in inculcating this knowledge in to young people for...